FAQ: What kind of projects have you completed? In the first 4 months Arrowsmith Oncology LLC has:
  1. Prepared a Portfolio Management Plan for a small biotech company that has several potential products based on a proprietary platform technology. A development process was outlined that integrates targeted preclinical studies with clinical trials designed to capitalize on advantages of the specific technology, with timelines, market forecasts and supportive trials included. Arrowsmith Oncology LLC participated in presentation of the data and plan to venture capital groups.
  2. Prepared a Clinical Development Plan for a mid-stage Product Candidate (an oncolytic virus), building a registration program based on current clinical data, with timelines, market forecasts and supportive trials included.
  3. Instructed personnel of a contract Medical Communications company in pathophysiology, current treatment and role of two late-stage product candidates for four major oncology indications.
  4. Prepared a protocol for an Investigator-Sponsored Trial for a late-stage product candidate.
  5. Reviewed the salient characteristics of a Marketed Product for Medical Science Liaison personnel employed by a client that had acquired the product as an entry point to the oncology market.
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