FAQ: What do your services cost? All costs are clearly defined in the Proposal for the specific work to be performed. Clients may choose one of three billing methods:
  1. Project-based billing. Recommended, because
    1. All services and subcontract costs are included. Your investment is capped and there are no surprises, no debates.
    2. No need for timekeeping and no misunderstandings.
    3. No need to make an investment decision every time you may need help.
    4. No need for others in your organization to obtain piecemeal approval to use the services.
    5. Experience indicates that the total cost to the client will almost always be less than time-based billing.
  2. Time-based billing. Hourly or full-day rates are available.
  3. Retainer-based billing. If there are multiple projects, a monthly retainer will establish our availability for all of them (with a clearly-stated limit on the total time available per month). Again, the cost to the client is fixed, no matter how much service is required.
In any case, customary expenses related to travel, etc. are billed as pass-throughs, and "mission-creep" is handled by ad hoc hourly or day-rate billing (with prior understanding).
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